Friday, May 30, 2014

The world as water-garden

I walked today for three hours and ten minutes in Nuuksio, in the forests and swamps northwest of lake Siikajärvi. It was very quiet, and I saw only one other person, he was riding a bicycle near the parking lot at Siikaranta.

It seems that I'm running into Gavia stellata everywhere. Earlier in May I saw a pair of the birds at a lake in Vaakkoi, confusing them first with Gavia arctica. Yesterday I saw a pair of Gavia stellata at lake Hepolampi in Luukki.

And today I saw a pair at lake Kolperinlampi in Nuuksio; there was also a young bird swimming with the two adults. The birds seemed almost playful, even though playful is not something I would attribute to Gavia stellata. Once in a while the birds seemed to be in conversation, making moaning sounds.

Summer is now in full bloom, with flowers everywhere. Mosquitoes are also active, and I have got quite a lot of bites, which itch, but one gets used to them during the summer.

Update: I had a look at the photographs from today in Aperture, and it turned out that the adult birds at lake Kolperinlampi had two young birds in the water with them. No wonder they seemed to be active and playful. The young ones were diving, and the adults were staying nearby.

The photographs were taken in Vaakkoi on May 24th.

(Posting title is from the poem Waterlily Fire by Muriel Rukeyser.)

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