Saturday, May 3, 2014

Distorted, fragmented, dissolved, and blent

On May 1st I visited Sipoonkorpi National Park, and explored the are south and east of the parking place at Byabäcken. One of the great places to visit is the swamp of Mordmossarna, which you see in the photographs here.

On May 2nd I spent time shopping with the children, and we had Chinese for lunch. But the lure of the swamps at Sipoonkorpi grew until I couldn't resist any more.

The second time I started my walk from the parking place at Källängen. I walked up on the Gillerberget hills, which proved to be rather intricate with tiny swamps in between small hillocks. I walked south to Vårmossen swamp, circled southeast to the fields at Lillhagen, and returned via lakes Jöusjärv and Fallträsk to the parking place. A couple of times I got slightly lost, and that felt good.

However, the road noise carries quite well from the big roads in west, so this walk wasn't quite so pleasant as on May 1st when I walked further away from the big roads and the noise was blocked by the hills. Noise from aircraft can't be avoided but at least it isn't continuous.

Sipoonkorpi is just 30 minutes away from home, and thus a little bit closer than Nuuksio. It isn't as popular as Nuuksio, but each of the two times I visited the place there were other cars at the parking place, and both times "dog people" were either starting their walk or returning from their walk.

However, while I was walking inside the forest I didn't see any other people. There is plenty of room for people to explore the National Park without overcrowding the place. So far I have only explored the north part of the National Park, and there is plenty of area still to be explored. But that may wait until another day. In any case, it is a great thing indeed to have a National Park so near the city.

Sipoonkorpi National Park was established in 2011, and there are plans to enlarge it gradually. Currently Sipoonkorpi consists of separate pieces. Maybe in the future these pieces can be connected together making the park into a continuous whole. On May 2nd I walked in forests and swamps at Vårmossen, which is outside the park area. It would be good to get this area also included into the park.

(Posting title is from the poem Sonata by Gjertrud Schnackenberg.)

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