Saturday, May 17, 2014

Of the light, the silence, and the water’s stillness

I walked today for three hours in Sipoonkorpi National Park. I started from the parking place at Bakunkärr, walked northwest through Sjöberget and Kurbergen hills to Tobbgropen, and continued from there west and northwest. I got quite far up north until I run into a rather big swamp which wasn't on the map any more.

At home I looked at a bigger map and noticed that the swamp was Lindamorsmossen. There was a path running through the swamp towards southwest and then south, and I followed this path until I was on the map again.

My target was a giant's kettle which was marked on the map, at the south end of the swamp which got narrower and narrower, until cliffs appeared on the west side. Here it took some time to find the giant't kettle, which was not on top of the cliff but at the bottom. There were two of them close together, and they were rather fine.

On the way back to the car I tried to follow a straight line with the compass, but there were cliffs to circle, and some of the swamps were flooded because of the rain we have had, and it took some time to get across the swmaps, even though I had tall rubber boots.

In the earlier visits inside the Sipoonkorpi National Park I didn't met anyone, but this time I met two men, both running fast with a map and a compass, wearing competition shirts and tights.

The photograph was taken in Vierumäki on May 9th.

(Posting title is from the poem Across the Bay by Donald Davie.)

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