Monday, May 12, 2014

But some days I'd rather steep in my own kettle

On May 10th I went to Sipoonkorpi National Park once again, starting my walk from the parking place at Bakunkärr. I decided to try out my orienteering skills by going across the hills toward northwest, where a giant kettle was marked on the map.

However, I was a bit lazy with my map-reading, and I walked about 200 meters too much north, and it took some circling around until I realized I was near Grytberget at Holmmossen swamp, and from there it was easy, just walk southeast and up the hill to the giant kettle.

There are plenty of nice swamps at Sipoonkorpi. From Holmmossen swamp I went south to Hattmossen swamp, and then southeast to Hyppjaskärr swamp, where I found a wide path leading east towards lake Bakunkärr träsket.

A pair of Bucephala clangula were at the lake, but this time there was no fighting going on, even though the male was exhibiting and making creaking noises. The female was diving for food.

Many small paths criss-cross the National Park, but only the biggest are marked to the map, and there are few of those. So far I have visited the park four times, and I haven't met any other people when walking inside the park.

(Posting title is from the poem The Veggie Life by Michael Steffen.)

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