Sunday, March 15, 2015

Not sleep, but nearly sleep, not dreaming really

These photographs were taken in Vaakkoi on February 20th. It was a clouded and foggy day, and snow was melting.

Last night I had a dream about walking, and in the dream I tried to remember what place it was that I was thinking about. Later, when I woke up, I realized that the place was a combination of several different places in Nuuksio, one of them being quite close to the place which I visited yesterday.

Urged by the dream I went back to Nuuksio today, and walked there for three hours. This week I have thus got 14 hours of exercise.

I walked a circular route visiting quite a few lakes: Saarijärvi, Sarkkinen, Suolikas, Valkealampi, Mustalampi, Kakarlampi, Pikku Pöksynhaara, Pöksynhaara, Suolikas, Sarkkinen and Saarijärvi.

In my dream last night I visited Mustalampi. It was quite the way I remembered it to be. However, the swamp by the lake wasn't frozen any more, and I sank there almost to my knees, and it took some effort to get back to solid ground, as the swamp didn't let go of my rubber boots.

There were a couple of people skating on lake Suolikas, and some people were ice fishing. This may have been the last weekend when it was still possible to walk on the ice safely. I took a couple of shortcuts walking on the ice, but stayed close to the shore.

(Posting title is from the poem The Journey by Eavan Boland.)

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