Friday, March 20, 2015

To measure out for the eye the way

Here are some path signs in north parts of Nuuksio, photographs taken on February 22nd and March 14th.

This year I have so far got 734 km riding the bicycle. I think it is a bit more than last year, despite having flu, and bicycle repairs. It feels good to not be sitting in a car in a traffic jam.

(Posting title is from the poem Snow Signs by Charles Tomlinson.)


SHE said...

a happy Friday it is.. But I am overstimulated by my visit here; my goodness

1. spectacular photographs
2. -links to articles with more links inside those articles.
I feel a Ogden Nash, slash, Robert frost poem coming on.. 6 links diverged in a Finland photographers blog.. And I... Clicked each one until my brainithclogged...

-great reads though.. I have a take on bus stop topic i like to express like this:

teacher to student: "I expect you to be original..and now I will tell you exactly how and what to do in order to achieve that goal."

and I have in my own archives the bus lesson I learned from john madden: don't waste all your time, talent, energy, money conquering your fear; find your bus. /upshot version..

-and then, what is familiar to you and many is actually bran new to me.. The finnish introvert/extrovert story.. audible laughter.

I am a barefoot introvert by blood & nature; shoe'd extrovert by cultural demand.. Putting that book on my intrigue list..

lastly.. I do experience some guilt

considering you do the treacherous dangerous hikes on and in the snow to take the photographs. And all I do is let my warm fingertips glide across the cell phone glass to see them..

have a blessedly peaceful, quiet, beautiful, healthy week!

Juha Haataja said...

Thanks! But the hikes are not dangerous, it would be much more dangerous to not go for a hike...