Friday, May 6, 2016

In lonely places beauty has its will

The photographs were taken in Luukki on April 10th.

This morning I walked for over three hours in Nuuksio, starting from the parking place at lake Haukkalampi. There were only half a dozen cars at the parking place when I arrived at 7:30 AM, much less than I expected.

I visited twelve lakes during my walk, two of them twice. On three lakes there was a pair of Gavia stellata nesting. This spring I have seen already five different pairs of the birds, on five different lakes. Last year I saw four pairs of birds nesting, and a gathering of the birds in autumn when they were preparing to leave.

When I left home, the temperature was +11 °C, but in Nuuksio it was +7 °C. And when I left Nuuksio, the temperature was +16 °C, and when I arrived at home, it was +20 °C. So, it is rather cool in Nuuksio.

In five days I have got almost 11 hours of exercise. For some reason I'm not feeling tired.

(Posting title is from the poem This Forgotten Pasture by Katherine Lounberg.)

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