Thursday, May 26, 2016

Try looking away

The photographs were taken on May 7th at Myllyjärvi south of Luukki.

Late this afternoon it started to rain, and stripes of yellow pollen were to be seen floating on top of water. The air quality should be much better tomorrow.

I bought a new bicycle helmet to replace the old one, a Limar 575, which was eight years old. The new one is a Limar 757, which is much lighter than the old one, and it fits even better. I bought the helmet on the net, trusting that if the old Limar helmet fits me, so should the new one, even though one should always try a helmet before buying.

I have been commuting by bicycle through the central park in Helsinki. This is a luxury, riding through a forest in the middle of a city. The route is a bit longer, but that doesn't matter. There are lots of paths criss-crossing the park, and lots of possibilities which route to take. I may have repeated the same route twice, but I'm not quite sure.

(Posting title is from the poem Pulchritude by Daniel Tiffany.)

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