Saturday, May 28, 2016

Or form some image of his cruel fair

The photographs were taken on May 8th.

This morning I walked for over two hours in Nuuksio, starting from lake Suolikas and circling around four lakes: Lummukas, Syvä-Antias, Iso-Antias and Levo-Antias. I forgot to take the LX100 with me. There were a couple of times sights I really would have liked to try to capture in a photograph. There are a lot of flowers in bloom, and the foliage is fresh and green. On the other hand, it was faster to walk when I didn't need to stop to take photographs.

I noticed that I was hearing more than when I'm carrying a camera. It may be that when one is carrying a camera the attention is focused on seeing, and other senses are not so much used.

(Posting title is from the poem The Story of Phœbus and Daphne, Applied by Edmund Waller.)

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