Sunday, April 28, 2013

Red is the thunder in our ears

Here are photographs taken earlier this week when we had some rainy days. You can guess why places with color were attractive for taking photographs.

Today I'm planning to go for a walk later in the afternoon, to explore spring. I had trouble sleeping and while half-awake I was planning which route to take in the forests at Luukki. I think I need a compass to be sure to get where I want. But it may be that the children want to go for a walk also, and then I need to take a much easier route.

TOP had a posting about vacuum cleaners, of all things, and this made me think about the various shapes a vacuum cleaner can have.

The models shown in the TOP posting remind me of old comics (and movies) from the 1950s and 1960s. I wonder about the ergonomic problems with such models which have the motor built-into to the handle and the nozzle, which means that every time you move the cleaner you have to move the motor as well. I guess this type of vacuum cleaner is called "upright", whereas I'm used to the so-called "canister" type.

Currently I use an Electrolux UltraOne vacuum cleaner, which has proved to be a good one, even though not the absolutely most quiet model.

Today I decided to look for the bags for the vacuum cleaner, which are of "s-bag" type, and I realized there are huge differences in the prices. I ordered one of the cheapest varieties on offer, containing 15 bags and three motor filters. The price was only slightly higher that the cost of 4 original Electrolux bags.

Update: I walked for two hours in the forests and swamps at Luukki, north of lake Myllyjärvi, in the Revonkorpi area. I got a bit lost when I forgot to read the map carefully, walking past the north end of lake Hauklampi until I realized I need to go south instead of northwest. I was confused by a stream which I thought was marked on the map, but this one wasn't, as it probably is a stream which dries up during summer and is thus not on the map. This week I got 7-8 hours of exercise, and for the next three days I'm planning 8-12 hours of walking. Have to see how it goes. I'm pondering whether I should walk along routes which are clearly marked, or go to places where there are no paths to follow. I have some orienteering maps I could use, but the problem is I often forget to read the map and thus tend to get a bit lost.

(Posting title is from the poem The History of Red by Linda Hogan.)

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