Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The deadly adder hiss

I thought I would wait until tomorrow with processing of the photographs taken yesterday and today at Meiko. Today I walked there for 3 hours 40 minutes, yesterday 3 hours 20 minutes, making it seven hours in all.

Yesterday I walked in the forests and swamps north of Meiko lake. Today I explored the south side, circling around Vaipo lake, walking across Slätmossen swamp to Vitträsk lake, and walking from there to Meiko lake, which I circled around when returning.

I didn't get really lost, but I was a bit confused about directions when going from Vitträsk to Meiko. It was before noon, 11:30, and I thought that keeping sun behind I would get easily to the lake. But I forgot daylight saving time, which meant that I was walking northwest instead of north, and in this direction the south shore of the lake was much farther away than I thought. I should have used the compass.

On the other hand this was a shortcut, at least in distance, but it was heavy going as there was wet ground to cover, with trees fallen across the way, and ditches which had flooded. Luckily I have tall rubber boots which made it possible to wade across the ditches.

And the rubber boots proved usedful also when I met an adder on the north shore of Meiko lake, curled up in the sun. I took a couple of photographs but the adder didn't like to pose and soon went away, hissing. In addition, there were blue anemones to admire at Meiko lake. It always seems that they appear overnight, the first real sign of spring.

(Posting title is from the poem A Double Standard by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper.)

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