Wednesday, April 24, 2013

That was the daylight’s assignment

I'm still posting photographs taken on Saturday Sunday at Luukki near lake Myllyjärvi. And it is good that they the photographs from weekend last, as I haven't had much time to look at any of the newer photographs. Tomorrow I'll be traveling, so it is uncertain whether I'll be able to post. Well, maybe I'll prepare yet another posting from the photographs from Saturday Sunday to appear tomorrow. (Addendum: I got confused about when I took these photographs, I'm just too busy right now...)

Art pointed out a new camera, the Panasonic LF1, which borrows from the earlier LX7. However, for me the deal-breaker is the wide end of the lens, which is 28 mm (equiv.) instead of 24 mm as in the LX5 and LX7. But otherwise the LF1 seems to be competent, though focusing on somewhat different kind of needs than LX3/LX5/LX7.

(Posting title is from the poem Snapshots with Wide Apertures Shown on the Road by Pimone Triplett.)

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