Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And he knows his skin is glass

Here are two photographs taken on September 8th at Velskola in Nuuksio, east of lake Vääräjärvi. I visited Velskola also a week later, on two days. This is a place with seriously beautiful forests, but one needs some care (and map-reading skills) as there are few marked paths.

I received Pentti Sammallahti's book Here far away - photographs from the years 1964-2011. It is still in the original wrapping, as I have been too busy to start looking at it.

Also, I got the package with was delivered to a wrong post office last week, a map of the Halti-Kilpisjärvi area, 1:50 000. I already looked at the map, and I have a serious urge to travel some day to Kilpisjärvi and walk on the fells. But it may be that doesn't happen any time soon. Just thinking about the logistics of going there with the children, that wouldn't be an easy trip to make.

(Posting title is from the poem Border Crossings by David Wojahn.)

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