Sunday, September 8, 2013

I am a tear of the sun

Yesterday I went for a walk with my daughter to Nuuksio, walking around lake Kattilajärvi and visiting lake Vääräjärvi. We left the car at a parking place some distance away from the lake even though there would have been places nearer, but that proved to be a good choice, as there was an orienteering competition going on near the lake, and a lot of cars were parked by the road near the lake.

We met several times groups of two or four people taking part in the competition, apparently organized by Finnish Scouts. A group of two men ran past and had a conversation like this: "Our scout group failed badly this time." "Well, we learned something. You always learn."

Anyway, it was a fine weather to go for a late afternoon walk, about +20 °C, sun low on the horizon, interesting landscape to explore.

I haven't yet processed the photographs from lake Kattilajärvi. These were taken on September 1st in Nuuksio not far away from where we walked yesterday.

(Posting title is from the poem Autobiography by Lawrence Ferlinghetti.)

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