Friday, September 6, 2013

The light is always unexpected, out of place, too simple

Today I had a meeting at Haltia nature center in Nuuksio, and commuted by bicycle. According to the map services on the net the distance is 25 km, but the odometer in my bicycle said the overall distance was 48 km. I think the odometer isn't calibrated quite properly. Also, I made some short detours, not always turning at the right crossing on the way.

It took 64 minutes to ride to Haltia, and 65 minutes back home. There was one very steep hill on the way - the downhill speed was 53 km/h, and I got rather tired going up the hill when returning home.

The photographs were taken two weeks ago, showing lake Hauklampi at Nuuksio, a bit of upside down feeling here also.

(Posting title is from the poem Four Good Things by James McMichael.)

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