Thursday, September 26, 2013

You have dragged me on through the wild wood ways

I upgraded today the iPad to iOS 7, and I must say it isn't so easy to get used to the new system. Things look different, and there are enough differences in using the iPad to cause all kinds of confusion and mistakes. On the other hand, the upgrade itself happened without problems, all data and software were preserved, so nothing bad to report there.

The photographs shown here were taken in the forests and swamps at Revonkorpi, in Luukki, on September 21. I walked for the first time all the way up north, almost to the houses near the road. Two hours of walking, just about perfect.

However, I'm planning to make a longer walk next week, on an open swamp. One possibility would be Torronsuo swamp, about 100 km west of here, but the car drive there is just too long. I didn't know of this swamp until a friend pointed it out. Torronsuo is the biggest open swamp in southern Finland, and the national park seems to be worth visiting at some point.

(Posting title is from the poem The Body to the Soul by Eva Gore-Booth.)

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