Saturday, June 28, 2014

I live on a needle of   a branch

The photograph was taken by lake Kiiskilampi in Kytäjä-Usmi wilderness. Well, the place isn't that wild, as most of the forests are cultivated, with only one tree species such as pine. But lake Kiiskilampi is protected, inside a small nature protection area, and feels wild, with trees fallen into the lake, and dense growth of forest on the shores.

I just learned that Apple will no longer be developing Aperture, the program in which I'm processing and keeping the photographs. Before Aperture I used iPhoto, which was too unstable with the big photo library I have, and Aperture has performed better, even though the library has occasionally needed repair or even re-building. The digital workflow is rather easy to automate with Aperture, and with that I have been satisfied.

Apparently Aperture will be compatible with the next version of Mac OS X, and thus there is no urgent hurry to see a replacement. Adobe Lightroom seems to be the only contender.

But perhaps the new Photo app which Apple is promising would be robust enough to serve as a replacement to Aperture. However, I suspect that the new app won't be as good for workflows as Aperture. The biggest feature seems to be "iCloud integration", whatever that means.

(Posting title is from the poem On First Seeing a U.S. Forest Service Aerial Photo of Where I Live by James Galvin.)

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