Thursday, June 19, 2014

Unless we divert ourselves with art objects

It was once once again a cool day, and there was even a little bit of rain during the afternoon commute by bicycle. I started my summer vacation today, seven weeks of it. I hope that I'll have a bit more time for photography, and for walking.

I had a look at the most popular postings here are Light Scrape, and all of them are postings about technology or photography gear, except for one posting, which discusses the history and current uses of photography. But then I realized that even this posting is about technology, not about photography as such.

All of the most popular postings are more than two years old. I think this is due to the fact that I'm not writing about gear much any more. It isn't an important topic for me in the way it used to be. But this other stuff isn't generally interesting in the same way as gear is.

Also, I realized that many of the photographs I took two years or six years ago are quite good, or at least not as bad as I thought they could be. I don't think that the photographs I'm producing these days are better the those I took two years or six years ago. They probably are worse.

One reason for this is that I'm no longer taking photographs daily, it has become something I do during weekends when I take long walks in forests and swamps.

(Posting title is from the poem Beginning With an Acute Stab of Nostalgia, It Gets Worse and Worse by Arthur Vogelsang.)

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