Sunday, June 1, 2014

I wandered lonely as a pier

These photographs were taken at lake Kämmenlampi in Vaakkoi. There is a place by the lake for making a fire, swimming, resting, and perhaps even spending the night protected from rain.

I planned to rest on Saturday, but so it happened that I started to look into maps once again. I searched for lakes with the name "Kakarlampi". It is said that "kakar" in lake names refers to "kaakkuri", which is Gavia stellata in Finnish. There is a lake named Kakarlampi in Nuuksio southwest of lake Saarijärvi, and one such lake also in Meiko.

I got restless feet, and so it happened that I went for a walk, planning to visit lake Kakarlampi in Meiko. I didn't plan for a long walk, but in the end I walked for almost three hours. First I walked very slowly from lake Mustjärvi to lake Tränuhals. I wasn't too tired, so I continued to lake Kommelpott. From there I walked at my normal speed to lake Immerlampi, and then to lake Kakarlampi. And finally I returned to the roadside parking place via lake Mustjärvi.

I didn't see any Gavia stellata at any of the lakes I visited, but otherwise walking felt good, clearing the head. I didn't meet anyone while walking, it was very quiet, except for birds singing.

(Posting title is from the poem Call Me Pier by Susan Firer.)

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