Thursday, June 26, 2014

The hay of an arctic summer night?

A somewhat ragged Lomaspilis marginata rests in plain sight, photograph taken on June 14th at Kytäjä.

Yesterday I walked for three hours in Sipoonkorpi National Park, in the north and middle parts. I left the car at the Hindsby parking place near Källängen, walked south past lake Fallträsk and lake Jöusjärv, and past Stormossen swamp to lake Katronträsk, and from there south to Lindamorsmossen swamp. From the middle of Lindamorsmossen I walked west to Viirilä swamp, and then walked north along the swamp.

Viirilä swamp proved to be a great place to explore. This swamp is quite wet, especially as it has rained a lot recently, and even though I avoided the wettest spots, my rubber boots sank 20-30 cm deep into the swamp in some places. Luckily I have tall rubber boots so this was not a problem.

Walking on the wet swamp was somewhat tiring, but it was worth it, the place is really fine, with several different types of swamp. No wonder the Viirilä swamp is part of Sipoonkorpi National Park. I must return there some day.

Today I made reservations for traveling to Lapland in July with the children. We'll go by train to Rovaniemi, and then towards north by car, all the way to see the Arctic Ocean.

(Posting title is from the poem Glazunoviana by John Ashbery.)

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