Saturday, July 18, 2015

But if memory, as if to illustrate

Today I walked for almost three hours in the south parts of Luukki. It used to be so that I started to get tired after one hour of walking in the woods, but these days walking starts to feel fine after half an hour, and after two hours I'm getting only a little tired, in a positive way.

Recently I have been exploring the unfamiliar corners of forests in Petikko, Luukki and Nuuksio, places away from the wide marked paths, using map and compass for orienteering.

On Thursday I walked to lake Lillträsk and lake Igelträsk south of lake Kaitalampi in Luukki, where I hadn't been before. Today I started at lake Myllyjärvi near Pirttimäki, and walked towards north, visiting four lakes I haven't seen before - Mustalampi, Sorvalampi, Häkläjärvi and Hepolampi - and going all the way to lake Igelträsk.

The photographs were taken on July 7th.

(Posting title is from the poem Apiary 40 by Carol Frost.)


SHE said...

"Thank you!" again for all these beautiful, beautiful pictures! I just revisited June and july.. and June and July again.. I must be starved for nature without realizing it.. But what a blessing to find it so consistently here.. and at its finest in content, context and presentation..


Juha Haataja said...

Thank you. The summer has been fine for taking photographs, not too warm for long walks in forests and swamps. Plenty of mosquitoes, but one gets used to them.