Tuesday, July 28, 2015

This is how you say, How did it go?

I took 2648 photographs in five days while traveling to three skiing resorts: Tahko, Vuokatti and Koli. There isn't much skiing to be done now that it is summer, but the hills do offer wide landscape to enjoy, and plenty of exercise when walking up and down the steep slopes.

Tahko was the worst site, because the paths were in bad repair, signs missing altogether, boards and steps decaying, and in one place the start of the path was completely missing because of construction work. However, the landscape is definitely worth further exploration. Vuokatti had also problems with paths, except that the signs were a bit better, although there was plenty of decay. However, Koli turned out to be good, the signs were up-to-date on the walking paths, and paths were mostly in good shape.

Of course, this is quite natural, as Koli is the least dependent on the winter season for attracting visitors. I saw loads of tourist busses in the parking place at Koli, coming from Norway, Denmark, etc. However, the paths were rather empty of people, because of the rain, which flooded the paths in many places. Between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning there was over 30 mm of rain, which is half of the average amount of rain for a whole month.

The photographs were taken on July 13th. It will take some time to go through the photographs taken during the trip north.

(Posting title is from the poem “The Decay of ancient knowledge” by Nick Lantz.)

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