Monday, January 18, 2016

Be caught in a commonplace way

The photographs were taken at lake Bodom on December 29th, before sunrise. The ice was quite thin. On December 30th a person skating on the lake drowned when the ice fell apart, and another got luckily rescued. This in not uncommon in early (or late) winter.

Yesterday I finally decided that the hiking boots I have been using - made by Sievi - are too worn out to be useful any more. The leather is cracked in many places, and is falling into pieces. Snow gets inside the lining, as the gore-tex is no longer intact, and after a while the feet get wet inside the boots when the snow melts.

In a year I walk about 1000 km, or perhaps somewhat more. To complement the Sievi boots in extremely wet conditions - and for deep snow - I bought Nokian rubber boots in the summer 2012, and they are still in good condition.

I have been using the Nokian rubber boots and the Sievi boots about as much during the year, so I guess the Sievi boots have got over 3000 km of walking, and the Nokian boots about 2000 km.

Yesterday I ordered new hiking boots. There was one pair of size 48 (US size 13) Alpina K9 boots on sale, and I decided to try them out. They seem to be competent and durable, but that remains to be seen.

(Posting title is from the poem The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll.)

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