Friday, January 8, 2016

Though there is not one reason I should want to

These photographs were taken at lake Myllyjärvi and lake Häkläjärvi on December 22nd, early in the morning, starting to walk well before sunrise. The day is now 27 minutes longer than at the shortest, so there is more sunlight for taking photographs.

When it has been really cold (below -20 °C) I have had problems with the LX100 camera, batteries freezing and the camera lens getting stuck. I don't remember similar problems from last winter, perhaps it wasn't quite so cold then. In principle the batteries should be quite all right, as there have been less than 100 recharges with either of them.

In November I replaced the car battery with a new one, and it has worked perfectly. There have been articles about cars getting stuck due to batteries not working, but I haven't had any trouble since installing a new one. This morning the temperature was at -26 °C, but now it is warmer, -15 °C. I'm planning to visit a river during the weekend, to see whether there are interesting ice formations to be found.

(Posting title is from the poem Disregard by Ai.)

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