Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bore the weight of lake water

I did quite a lot of walking today. First I went out with the youngest daughter, walking the nearby roads and paths, looking at the frost and the remaining autumn colors.

Then the oldest daughter wanted to go out as well, but somewhere farther away. She suggested Meiko, and I was easily persuaded, even though the car ride takes some time.

We walked around three lakes at Meiko, lakes Korsolampi, Immerlampi and Kakarlampi. Of these the smallest, Kakarlampi, was almost completely covered by ice. Well, mostly rather thin ice, but it is a start. There was a lot to be seen, and we enjoyed the sunshine as well, having picnic by lake Kakarlampi, on the sunny rocks facing south.

It was easier to walk than earlier, because the ground was partly in ice and swamps carried a person rather well. In fact, we saw several people picking cranberries, which is now easier than before thanks to the frozen ground.

(Posting title is from the poem Paean to Place by Lorine Niedecker.)


Markus Spring said...

So you got your winter, as always, much earlier than we did: many leaves are still on the trees, but last night not only temperatures dropped below zero but also some centimeters of snow fell. Most of it thawed already and now leaves a more dirty than snow-white scenery.

Your lakeside sceneries in this in the next post are very fine - just as I like them: not obtrusive, but quiet and convincing in your style.

Juha Haataja said...

Thank you, Markus.

Well, we are having cold weather now, but that may not last long. But I do like the signs of winter, even though it means that the foliage is almost completely gone from the trees.

One of the lakeside photographs was a bit untypical for me, I couldn't resist a bit of post-processing...