Saturday, October 20, 2012

Debating the implications of a bird flying

Last weeked we explored Meiko wilderness area north of lake Meiko. Today I went to Meiko with my oldest daughter, to the south of lake Meiko. And west of the lake, and north of the lake, and east of the lake... It was the wish of my daughter that we should walk around lake Meiko.

However, I was a bit wrong about how long it would take to walk around the lake. It took us almost three hours, and it was getting dark by the time we returned to the car.

The going was slower that I anticipated because the path went up and down cliffs, some of which were slippery, and we also had to take some detours as the lake was flooded and paths were under water. However, my daughter didn't get tired, quite the opposite, as she seemed to have extra energy when we got home.

(Posting title is from the poem Requiem by Bei Dao, translated by Eliot Weinberger and Iona Man-Cheong.)

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