Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cattails of our youth

Today I went with my daughter to Meiko lake and Meiko wilderness area. I haven't ever been there before, but luckily the navigator in the Nokia E7 phone knew what roads to take to get there.

However, the trip by car took about 45 minutes, which is a bit too much for going for walk in a forest. We spent about two hours in Meiko, walking by the shore of the lake and exploring the forests and swamps. I even got a bit lost, when making a shortcut through a dense forest, missing the path I was aiming at by 100 meters, but that was all right.

I was quite overwhelmed by the scenery, and couldn't really start appreciating it properly. The day was slightly overcast, there was no wind in the beginning, and thus the water was completely calm, and very clear. Quite impressive!

Later there was some wind and waves started to form on the lake. I'll make another posting, but here is the first set, photographs of lake Meiko.

(Posting title is from the poem An Introduction to My Anthology by Marvin Bell.)

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