Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I don't believe that dreams are false

I was too busy and too tired today to take any photographs. Instead, here is photograph from last weekend, taken at Meiko lake. I heard later that Meiko is quite "wild" in the sense that wolf and lynx have been spotted there. Certainly a place worth exploring!

Today we had the retirement party of a colleague, it was his last day at work. I'm feeling sad, and also happy for him, as he is someone who knows what is worthwhile about life. I have benefited greatly from his advice, and so have so many others that is seems that he has been supporting us all. This mixture of sadness and happiness feels rather special, I think it is due to noticing the deep humanity of a fellow being, who is an example to us all.

(Posting title is from the poem The Answer by Bei Dao, translated by Bonnie S. McDougall.)

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