Friday, January 25, 2013

Acceptance as side dish

These photographs were taken earlier this week. I have almost 600 photographs waiting to be culled, but I'm just too tired to go through them today.

I have had a headache for some days, occasionally it has gone down but then it returns. It may have something to do with the flu symptoms I have had, though there hasn't been any fever so far. But today I have been feeling a bit better.

This morning there was a meeting in which I was sitting for more three hours without a break. When standing up afterwards, I felt quite bad, it isn't good to be in the same position for so long.

At the ministry I have been using a standing desk for working with the computer, and it is a good thing indeed, as it doesn't allow one to stay in one fixed position for very long. Actually it is a desk that can be raised or lowered by pressing a button, but I'm mostly using it in the up position. Highly recommended!

(Posting title is from the poem Therapy from the Garden by Glenn Morazzini.)

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