Friday, January 18, 2013

And I would love you all the day

I have had some trouble with the Panasonic LX5. The click wheel doesn't seem to work at all any more, so I'm unable to change aperture, exposure compensation or manual focus distance. Not so good. And today the camera froze completely, none of the controls worked at all, not even the on-off switch, so finally I had to take the battery out of the camera to get it back into working order.

I managed to upgrade the memory of my Mac to 8 GB today, which seems to have given it a boost in performance as well. I bought the memory from OWC, as it was about 40% cheaper than the euro prices. And OWC has nice videos of how to do memory upgrades. This helped a lot, it was almost trivial to do the upgrade after watching the video. "Show, not tell", as they say.

I wonder whether it would be possible to open up the LX5 and clean the click wheel? I think the problem is caused by dirt getting inside the camera.

(Posting title is from songs from The Beggar’s Opera by John Gay.)

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