Monday, January 14, 2013

And when I shut my eyes

Yesterday I was thinking of going for a walk at the Luukki forests, and even had planned a nice route for the walk, but the daughters said that they have been too often there, and thus we went to Meiko instead.

It wasn't bad at Meiko, in fact quite the opposite, and one of the pleasant surprises was that there was a nice walking path going to four different lakes in Meiko: Kotolampi, Kakarlampi, Immerlampi and Korsolampi. Or in fact, we went the opposite direction, starting from Korsolampi.

There is a path marked with orange tape, and people had walked the path frequently enough so that the snow was packed tight, and in some places even icy, and it was rather easy to walk, maybe even easier than during summer. We had picnic by lake Kakarlampi, looking at the snowy scenery, rather silent expect occasional sounds from a dog somewhere farther away.

We didn't see anyone else after leaving the parking lot, even though the parking lot was packed with cars. I guess that may have been due to people going ice fishing on the big Meiko lake.

(Posting title is from the poem Toward what island-home am I moving by Joanna Klink.)

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