Thursday, January 3, 2013

This is not Alaska

We returned from Vuokatti - after swimming for three days at Katinkulta spa - via Jyväskylä, where we spent the last night of the trip. The weather turned much worse, temperature going to 0 °C, there was some snowfall and occasional icy rain, and the roads got slippery.

While traveling I was trying to eat vegetarian and drink green tea, but that isn't so easy as most dishes have meat in them, and coffee is what you are expected to drink here in Finland.

So, I took often soup dishes, which were mostly not that bad. I'm not completely dogmatic about vegetarian dishes, but I'm trying to decrease how much meat I consume, and during this Christmas I managed to avoid eating even a single slice of Christmas ham, which hasn't happened ever before.

While traveling, I had to be satisfied with flavored green tea from a teabag which is usually not that good, the flavors hiding the bad quality of the tea. And once I had a cup of coffee when there wasn't any tea available.

But at Jyväskylä, in the Solo hotel at Paviljonki, they offered green tea in a real brewing pot with a filter, and it was almost perfect, except that I would have used a bit lower temperature in the brewing.

The worst vegetarian dish I got was in a road side cafe, where I had "vegetarian pasta", which meant frozen vegetables heated up in a microwave oven put into a plate with cheap pasta and a bit of oil on top, with no spices or anything like a sauce. I still shudder about this.

(Posting title is from the poem He stopped part way across the field to by Michael Palmer.)

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