Saturday, January 19, 2013

What else is there to eliminate?

I'm rather behind in post-processing recent photographs, there were 755 of them waiting to be looked at today. I went through almost half, deleting 95% of them. Here are three photographs taken on Thursday, day before yesterday.

Yesterday I ate - for the first time ever - Quorn cutlets. I have eaten less and less meat recently, selecting the vegetarian dish at lunch at work.

A colleague knew what Quorn is, and we had a discussion about it during lunch. Today I read the Wikipedia article about it. Quorn is a brand of imitation meat mycoprotein, and it tasted a bit like chicken. Not bad at all. However, it seems that there is also a bit of controversy, as some people have got an allergic reaction after eating it. In Finland Quorn is a new thing, as it became available in shops in Autumn 2012.

(Posting title is from the poem Days of 1994: Alexandrians by Marilyn Hacker.)


Cedric Canard said...

The problem with vegetarian products that are made to replace meat (or protein) is that they are highly processed and food processing today is perhaps one of the worst thing we have ever done to ourselves.

Being vegetarian is quite time consuming to prepare well balanced meals so it is always tempting to turn to such products as Quorn (quite often soya derivatives) but doing so will quite likely undermine any health benefits gained by adopting a vegetarian diet.

I am no expert of course though I was vegetarian for many years and like anything else I do, got right into the research. These days I eat meat but only small amounts. By only eating small amounts I can pay for the better quality meats. I also try to avoid as much processed food as possible though these days that is not always easy. The other thing I do is I try to eat only what is in season though it is becoming difficult to know what comes in what season these days as all fruit and vegetables seem to be available year round as imports. I am not sure if there are any health benefits to this last part but I do it because I enjoy looking forward to certain foods at different times of year rather than having strawberries, say, all year round and only ending up taking them for granted.

On a different topic, did you try cleaning your camera yet?

Juha Haataja said...

Cedric, what you wrote got me thinking about vegetarian choices, as I have a feeling that there is quite a lot of "selling" going on in this area, products aimed at a certain lifestyle and not necessarily good for the earth or good for the people. I'm rather new at this, and there is a lot to be learned.

I found a Panasonic service manual for the LX5, and it has a Disassembly Flow Chart, which is where I stopped, as it seems that one needs to disassemble Rear Case Unit and Front Case Unit until one can get to the Top Operation Unit, where the rear dial is located. And there are a lot of small parts which one needs to remove until one gets to the relevant part of the camera. Not something one can do in a few minutes...