Sunday, July 7, 2013

And like any good diver

On Saturday a week ago I was walking with the children at Vaakkoi, going to lake Saaren-Musta and having picnic on the rocky shore there. While we were eating we noticed a yound bird swimming and diving near us, but there was no sign of the parents. The bird was a really skilled swimmer, going tens of meters under water, sometimes straight ahead, but often making quick turns or swimming in circles.

I'm not too familiar with birds, and especially young birds are a problem in identification, but this may have been a Black-throated Diver. At least lake Saaren-Musta is big enough for these birds, and it may be that the parents were hiding somewhere, or then gone fishing to another lake nearby. I took some photographs, but the LX5 doesn't allow zooming close, and thus there is not much help in the idenfification from these photographs.

(Posting title is from the poem Charlie Howard’s Descent by Mark Doty.)

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