Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I’d love to be the silk-shimmer

My vacation is nearing the end, and I have been busy with various chores and things to do. Today I went to a shop to get new summer tires for my car. A pair of tires were finished. Two years ago I bough already one pair of new summer tires.

But there was a misshap at the shop, or actually two mishaps.

One of the bolts broke when a tire was being changed, and I need to go back to the shop to have a new bolt installed when the part arrives there. Also, the shop installed four new tires instead of two which I bought, and when I remarked about this, the shop de-installed the other new pair and put the old (but relatively new) pair of tires back. Well, this took some extra time, but at least I got also these tires balanced while the error was fixed.

Also, I'm currently in discussions with a seller of a MacBook battery that wasn't what I needed, cancelling the order. The seller promised to refund the money at Paypal, but so far I haven't seen any refund there. I'm discussing the topic further with the seller.

Also, I need to get my bicycle fixed, once again, and the car needs some repairs as well (not tire-related). I went today to a nearby garage, and the repairman was rather helpful, but he was booked until the end of next week, so this will also take some time. My car is now 13 years old, and I have been thinking about buying a new (or newer) one, but when I had a look at the financial reasoning, it isn't really worthwhile, as I'm using the car so little. The old one (with occasional repairs) should be ok for some years still.

The photographs are from the trip to Salla in Lapland, such ones which didn't get included in the photo book Climbing hills and fells: Vuokatinvaara and Sallatunturit. See the Scribd version or the Blurb version, if you haven't already.

Update: Oh well, I forgot that I tried making an ebook out of the photo book as well, to be viewed in the iPad. You can get the ebook version free of charge here, but Blurb insists on logging in to their store before you can get the ebook.

However, I don't think this version of the photo book is of great value, downloading the PDF version from Scribd is probably a better alternative. And paying extra to Blurb for making and publishing the ebook version wasn't really worth it, but at least I know now how this system works.

(Posting title is from the poem Hum for the Bolt by Jamaal May.)

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