Wednesday, July 17, 2013

To seek out where the castle is

Just to let you know that that the first day of travel went well, even though it was tiring to drive the car for 600 km in a day. During this trip I'll drive something like 2500 km in a week, which is a third of the typical yearly amount of driving.

After arriving at Vuokatti I went for a late evening walk up and down the hill, walking along the marked 7 km path, "Eino Leinon Polku", which was rated "demanding". However, I did some extra bits of walking, so it was about 8 km of rather hard terrain. But it felt good after sitting in the car for so long.

I'm not able to process or post my photographs from the trip, so here are some taken on July 12 at Vaakkoi, showing the rather dry landscape we have due to not getting much rain recently.

(Posting title is from the poem Where the Castle Is by Howard Moss.)

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