Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Part of your image was linked so closely to my desire

I visited two new lakes on July 10th, lake Tuhkuri and lake Kalatoin, while eating blueberries and some cloudberries. I did a search with these lake names, and found a research article titled "Timing of sexual reproduction in chydorid cladocerans (Anomopoda, Chydoridae) from nine lakes in southern Finland". Apparently these lakes at Vaakkoi are interesting subjects for research.

While on vacation here in Salla, Lapland, it has been really cool weather, but today it should start warming up. Nights have been down to +5 °C and day temperature +10...14 °C. We have spent time at the cottage by a lake near Sallatunturi fells, rowed a boat on the lake, and walked the paths nearby.

On Monday I walked 12 km, which took almost three hours, the longest walk so far. And even though I thought beforehand that mosquitoes would be a problem, they haven't been, I have got only one or two bites. The cold and windy weather may have slowed their activities. I haven't seen many insects otherwise either, except for ants which are busy indeed.

In the evening I went to the lake with my daughter in a rowing boat. The wind was a bit stronger than earlier, but with some care it was quite easy to row to the other end of the lake and back. We even circled the little island in the other end, going under the small walking bridge which connects it to the shore.

(Posting title is from the poem Forms of Politeness by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge.)

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