Sunday, November 30, 2014

Don’t try to bind

One thing which the LX100 allows, in contrast to the LX3/LX5, is the use of DOF to isolate subjects close to the camera. I'm not really into this kind of photography, and the wide DOF has been in fact one good point of the small-sensor cameras, making it possible to take handheld close-up photographs.

Here is how the photographs taken with the LX100 look at f/2.8 and 34 mm (75 mm equiv.). One could grow to like the look of the photographs.

Quite soon I realized that to be able to get exactly the right focus, I need to have different settings from the normal ones, and thus I have set the "one-focus-point" mode to the custom settings C2. In addition, I set ISO 400 as the sensitivity to C2 to limit the effects of camera shake. Not that the OIS system on the LX100 wouldn't work well, it is just the with subjects close to the camera OIS is not a guarantee of shake-free results.

(Posting title is from the poem Everything Is Free by George Elliott Clarke.)

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