Sunday, November 9, 2014

I call this song of needful love my voice

Yesterday I walked for 2 hours 15 minutes in Tremanskärr swamps and forests. There was still a little bit of snow left, which changed the landscape.

I'm learning how to use the Panasonic LX100 camera, and most of the things I have learned are good.

I like using the EVF for composing a photograph. The exposure compensation dial is easily turned with the thumb while looking through the EVF, and you see the result in the live histogram display. This is great in situations where there are big differences in dark and light parts of the image.

With the LX5 I had set up different EV values in the custom settings, one for snow and one for not-snow, but with the LX100 I don't need that. In fact, it seems that there is much more scope of catching the light and the dark with the LX100, and I don't need to be as careful as with the LX3/LX5. I need some more practise with this.

Yesterday I had gloves on, and the usability of the LX100 proved to be good, even excellent. The on-off switch is easily operated with the gloves on, with a little bit of practise. The exposure compensation dial turns easily when using a glove, and even the quick menu can be used with the gloves. Much better than with the LX3 and the LX5.

Later yesterday afternoon I changed studded winter tires to the car, just in case the weather turns cold next week. This time none of the bolts got stuck. Also, there were plenty of other chores to take care of.

During the night my throat got sore. My voice is almost non-existent today, and I don't feel so good. A little bit of flu, apparently.

(Posting title is from the poem My Voice by Rafael Campo.)

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