Sunday, November 2, 2014

To remember their strange light in many a dream

I'm posting here photographs taken with the Nokia E7, as a reminder that I didn't have a real camera for two and a half months, until I got the Panasonic LX100 day before yesterday.

Mobile phones are eating away the market of the low-end-compact, and this is why the LX100 is significant: it delivers high quality, excellent control, and the feel of a real camera in a small package. Low-end it is not.

I wrote a long posting about the LX100 and posted some close-up photographs, so I'm not going into the details here.

It will take some time to really get used to the LX100, and to fine tune the settings, but it is already evident that there is a lot of scope for a photographer to develop with this camera.

With the LX3 and LX5 I was pushing the envelope, trying to get photographs which I knew would probably fail, but the LX100 handles many such situations without problems: fast and reliable focusing, using ISO 3200 in the dark, control of depth-of-field, etc. I need to learn new things to really make use of the LX100.

Update: I edited my postings about using the LX100 into more logical order and made a separate observations piece out of it. I may update these observations when I gain more experience of using the LX100.

(Posting title is from the poem Alastor; or, The Spirit of Solitude by Percy Bysshe Shelley.)

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