Sunday, November 16, 2014

Up a tree

The OIS system on the LX100 seems to be working at least as well as with the LX3/LX5. Here are photographs taken in the dark after sunset, exposures are between 0.3...0.8 second, all taken handheld, using the EVF. Two were taken at ISO 3200, two at ISO 1600. All in much darker conditions than I ever could with the older cameras.

When the dark time is upon us here in Finland, and daylight hours are scarce, there is nothing else than to take photographs in the dark. And with the LX100 I'm able to do that better than before. Not bad for a small camera.

I have now taken 3,177 photographs with the LX100. I'm learning how to use it, getting used to the differences compared to the LX5, such as that one really needs to check the position of the various controls, as they may have turned when transporting the camera. There are plenty of manual controls, and you need to check them regularly when using the camera.

So far I have managed to easily control the camera, even with gloves on. Some of the controls are rather stiff, such as the aspect ratio switch, others turn more easily, such as the aperture ring and the exposure compensation dial. Make the control too stiff, and you have difficulties in using it; make the control too loose, and it may turn by mistake. Compromises, compromises...

(Posting title is from the poem Small Trek by Eleanor Ross Taylor.)

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