Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Nothing he sees can hold him, nothing daunt

As I mentioned, I have now the problem of a lot of photographs from which to select those for the postings here. I take 100-200 photographs daily, of which I delete 90-95%, but still there are quite a few left.

I'm slowly getting familiar with the controls of the LX100. With the LX3 and LX5, when using each of them for three years and taking about 200 000 photographs, I got so familiar with the controls that taking a photograph became instinctive, I didn't need to engage rational thinking often at all.

With the LX100 is is now different, I need to check where the controls are, how to switch on the camera, how to check that I have the right settings for the occasion, and so on. However, because the LX100 is better suited for "the manual approach" to photography, I expect that I'll be even more instinctive with the LX100 than I ever was with the LX3 and LX5, after I have used the camera for a year or two.

(Posting title is from the poem The Poet by Amy Lowell.)

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