Monday, November 3, 2014

What is this truth?

I have collected my writings on the Panasonic LX100 camera from previous postings into a separate "LX100 observations" page, and I may update it at some point when I get more familiar with the LX100.

Today I commuted by bus, and took some photographs in the bus and while walking. My initial impression is that some of the photographs (especially those taken in the dark time) may have turned out quite well.

But I have now a problem of having too many photographs for posting them. Of course this is not really a problem, one just has to be more selective, and that can take some effort. At least I don't need to beware running out of photographs.

Here is a selection of photographs taken on November 1st with the LX100.

Apparently the LX100 is interesting, as the daily views of my photographs at Flickr have risen from the typical 100 or so to 3000...4000 each day. I don't think the photographs have got so much better, though.

(Posting title is from The Poet Writes The Poem That Will Certainly Make Him Famous by Douglas Kearney.)

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