Thursday, September 10, 2015

Objectify beauty, dehumanize humans

The photographs were taken on August 2nd in north parts of Nuuksio.

(Posting title was written by me.)


SHE said...

and a meaningful title it is. as a stand alone.. says a great deal in just 4 words.. and certainly looks like it could give birth to a longer poem if the muse whispered..

-happy to share, Shirley.. a customer who purchased our licorice "because it is made in Finland". -where her family is from..

was game for allowing me to revisit your July 18th comments so I could hear the lakes pronounced..

oh! The accent...

-appreciate every photo/title from this past week.. and have to mention the Lillie's.. wonderful series


Juha Haataja said...

Thank you!

I'm not usually much into politics, and certainly I'm not going into it here, but this week has been somewhat sad in Finland, intolerance towards refugees, and taking from those who are the weakest in the society. I hope it will get better.