Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back from Leuven

I spent two days in Leuven, in a project review meeting. Weather was nice, but there wasn't much time to look at the city. I did discover the botanical garden, though, and spent a little bit of time there, taking photographs. A beautiful and quiet place.

Today I installed Panasonic firmware version 2.0 to the LX5. I took some test photographs, and the camera doesn't seem much different. Maybe the focusing is a bit faster, or feels so. And the new focus lock method of half-way pressing the button works surprising well, at least in my initial testing.

And speaking of cameras, Canon has updated the S90/S95 with the new S100, which has a lens starting at 24 mm. Good! And there is a new sensor, developed by Canon, which is supposed to improve high-ISO shooting.

Canon is taking high-end compacts seriously. This bodes well for the future.

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