Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cure for Aperture rogue files problem?

It seems that there may be a simple cure for Aperture not removing the deleted files from inside Aperture Library. Namely, when you import a set of photographs into Aperture, they get stored in "Untitled Project".

At this point, I go through the photographs and delete 90-95% of them, saving only about one in ten. And then I move those photographs that are left into my "Landscape 2011" project by dragging and dropping "Untitled Project", which merges the new project with the older one.

I think it is at this point the deleted photographs get rogue. So, when one empties the trash in Aperture the deleted files don't get moved out of Aperture Library folder.

To fix this, one needs to empty the trash before dragging and dropping (merging the projects). Then the deleted files will be moved out of Aperture Library, and space won't be consumed by rogue deleted files.

I don't know whether this happens in all situations, or maybe only when there are a lot of photographs in Aperture, or something of that kind. And it may be that this was also the reason why disk space became a problem when I was using iPhoto.

So, note to myself: Remember to empty the trash in Aperture before reorganizing projects.


Christophe said...

This is an interesting finding. On my side, I usually import from several cameras in different Aperture projects and once the basic raw processing gets done I merge all the projects to a single one in order to review, adjust or delete if necessary.
So, different behavior seems to lead to same symptom and, indeed, project merging might well be the root cause of it.

Juha Haataja said...

@Christophe: I may try to see whether this happens with a fresh install of Aperture - when I have some free time. It may be a while.