Friday, September 9, 2011

Online storage for photographs

Today was a nice day, and we even got some sunshine. It felt good. I went once again for a walk, to the same forest as yesterday, but I didn't feel as sad any more. In fact, there were happy moments.

This was a surprise: Adobe starts to offer "cloud storage" services for photographs: "[Adobe] Carousel works much like any other photo organizer in that it builds a database of your images as you import them and keeps the databases synced across devices. It also copies each image to its servers, which act as a central repository for all your photos."

There is unlimited storage, but that doesn't come cheap: 10 USD per month. Compared to Flickr that is quite huge. And compared to, e.g., Google, this makes only sense if you have about 100 GB or more of photographs to store.

I wonder what is the reasoning behind Carousel, especially related to pricing? I don't believe it will take off the way it is now.


pj said... is 24euro/year with 50GB storage

Juha Haataja said...

@pj: Rather reasonable price.

I have a Flickr pro account for two years, which is less than 2 USD per month, and allows unlimited storage and bandwidth. Currently I store 80 GB of photographs there.