Friday, September 2, 2011

Camera talk

Today at lunch I discussed cameras with colleagues. The new NEX cameras from Sony are certainly interesting. But then there is the dilemma that with a lens - especially a zoom lens - the camera is no longer small, and the size advantage almost disappears.

But anyway, there are all kinds of camera needs. One camera is hardly optimal for all purposes.

Anyway, now there are a lot of camera alternatives. And only a couple of years ago it was as if everything would stay the same - DSLRs and compacts very distinct from each other.

But now we have competition both in the Compact System Camera (CSC) category and in high-end compact cameras. For example, Fujifilm X10 seems is a worthy contender in "enthusiast compact" category. It may be good enough to rival the LX5, although it doesn't reach 24 mm at the wide end.

PS. Paul Lester made valuable observations about focus - being in the moment.

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