Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bright and dark

I read through the PDF file which describes the changes when upgrading to version 2.0 of the LX5 firmware. Most of the new features are not much useful to me, as I don't usually shoot video, and I for sure don't need such things as "miniature effect".

Of the promised faster focusing speed I have not yet found any significant evidence - the focus works as fast as always. It is consistent, fast, reliable. Maybe with firmware 1.0 there were some situations, e.g. low-light conditions and closeups, where it sometimes hesitated. Have to see if that occurs with firmware 2.0.

High ISO noise reduction seems to be working, though the processing takes several seconds and thus slows down taking photographs. Happily, the camera is not completely stuck when doing the processing, and one can for example change the shooting mode during that time.

The ISO 1600 test photographs I took yesterday were not bad, especially as I was by mistake using the "standard jpeg" setting, not "fine" which promises better preservation of detail. Have to do the RAW vs. jpeg comparison again at some point.

When one looks at studio comparison samples one gets easily the impression that a camera is not doing too well. But that setting is rather different from real-life situations.

It is quite a wonder that one can go as high as ISO 1600 with such a little camera. I still remember the 35 mm days (Canon Canonet G-III QL17, Minolta XG-1) and how there never seemed to be enough light, even with a fast prime.

The photograph shown above was taken today at Kaitalampi lake. It was so bright that ideas of testing ISO 1600 were forgotten.


dina said...

Hi Juha, I've been following your blog since a few years back. I own an LX3 and i was wondering whether it is possible to update lx 3 with the new lx5 firmware. do you think it's possible?

Juha Haataja said...

@dina: I can think of two reasons why this wouldn't work. First, I'm sure Panasonic has some checks to see that the wrong firmware won't be installed by mistake. Second, even though there is certainly some code which is common for the LX3 and LX5, there are some things which just have to be different, due to differences in hardware. So, I don't think it is possible.