Saturday, September 3, 2011

If the Fujifilm X10 as good as it looks?

I have looked at the Fujifilm X10 specifications, and a hands-one preview, and what a nice package it is.

Pity that the lens starts at 28 mm equiv., not 24 mm. (I'm incorrigibly spoiled by the Panasonic LX3/LX5.)

But even though I have the LX5 (and two LX3s of which one is broken), I'm tempted to try out the X10. It is the retro look, all those buttons and rings and such. And the handsomely black color.

Interestingly, the X10 offers 1:1 aspect ratio as one of the alternatives. Square seems to be catching on. And I wonder how well the new sensor behaves at high-ISO, going all they way to ISO 12800.

But still, the lens: why not 24 mm?

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